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ONARI İnşaat, Sanayi, Taşımacılık ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.      19.9.2019


ONARI Construction

ISTANBUL Main Office:

Tel:+90 (216) 336 29 65

Fax:+90(216) 346 48 11

Antalya Branch:

Tel:+90(242) 311 52 30

Fax:+90(242) 311 48 53

GSM:+90(532) 273 08 92



 ONARI Group finds its roots at KOVAN Engineering Office at Istanbul dating back to 1970. We provided project and consulting services in 1970-1975 and prepared Statics, Reinforced Concrete and Steel Construction projects and performed controlling services for various buildings located at different regions of Turkey during constructional phase. We started construction and contract work along with project and consulting services as KOVAN Kolektif Şirketi after 1975. We established ONARI İNŞAAT SAN. TAŞ. ve TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. under the same roof in 1980 and accelerated Construction and Contracting work adding Residential, Infrastructure construction, and Perimeter Arrangement and Landscaping   along with Industrial Building construction.

We have contracted building of various Industrial Buildings and Residential Complexes during 1975-2010, and realized the delivery of all projects in time and success.

All these buildings are present in our reference list. We have also got engaged in the construction of Residential Building Cooperatives along with other contract work.

The 216-unit “SS Gönül Dostları Konut Yapı Kooperatifi” in Istanbul, Göztepe - Merdivenköy completed in 1990, the 258-unit  “SS Arpet Konut Yapı Kooperatifi” in Antalya Meltem in 1992, and the 306-unit “SS Lara Acısu Konut Yapı Kooperatifi” completed in 2006 July are the examples of such projects.

ONARI İNŞAAT is currently engaged in Industrial Building - Residential Building - Infrastructure and Perimeter Arrangement constructions. We  are especially proud of the work we done for Sarkuysan AŞ, and  “ENTEK AŞ.” a subsidiary of KOÇ Group in Cogeneration and Power plant areas.

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